LEARN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP || Photoshop Free Tutorial

LEARN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP || Photoshop Free Tutorial

Photoshop is a well-known software for editing photos.There are many software available for photo editing like Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, etc.But now I tell you how to use photoshop step by step. At first I will start with image shape


STEP 1 : At first open your photoshop software on your pc.

STEP 2 : Go to file option press it

After pressing the File menu you will see this on screen.

You can bring any image from your folder by clicking Open menu or drag and drop a picture on Photoshop just like below

Now you will see a interface like below

STEP 3 : Now unlock the layer.  For unlocking the layer just double click on the lock icon

Then you will see an interface like below.

Just click ok. Now the layer is unlocked.

STEP 4 : Now go to the rectangle tool after that go to the custom shape tool. Just like below.

STEP 5 : Now go to shapes and select a shape from there.

Here I select the heart shape. Please press and hold the shift button and draw the shape on the picture. you can see that a layer is automatically created in the layer option. Just like below.

STEP 6 : just turn down the layer like picture.

Then you see the interface like below

STEP 7 : Right-click on the mouse over the image layer.

Now you will see this like below

STEP 8 : Click  CREATE CLIPPING MASK . Now you see this

STEP 9 : Go back to rectangular Marquee Tool and select Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Now crop the image in a perfect size and save it from the save option.

Step 10 : Now go to image and crop the image just like below.

Now save the image from the file option just like below

Please save the image into the PNG format.If you follow those steps, you can make any picture on any shape.

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